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RENOVA Xhepçisht
Renova Xhepcisht

Renova Xhepcisht

“Renova” Dzepciste • Tetovo • Macedonia

Tel.: +389 44 487 300, 487 009, 487 755

Fax: +389 44 487 200

е-mail: info@renova.com.mk

Factory that is placed in Dzepciste is producing the dry mortars and plaster Renofix that are used for plastering the interior and exterior of the building facades.

This factory is producing also and the brass corners that are very useful for precise and save time in construction business. On their line of productions this factory produce also and the applications technology the mixer machines Skure Tech, this machines are useful for mixing the mortar and applying in the interior and exterior facades.

In the list of products of the RENOVA factory located in Dzepciste you can find 35 different varnishes identified with the name Renofix, while the kind of material is identified by the appropriate number (ex Renofix 10, Renofix 15, Renofix 202 etc). As about producing machines there are two types, that of throwing varnish and the one for mixing.

The producing capacity in this factory is 25-30 tons per hour, while the number of employers is 32.

Renova Gureza

Renova Gureza

“Renova” Gureza • Ferizaj • Kosovo

Tel.: +381 290 323 311

Fax: +381 290 396 396

e-mail: renova_ferizaj@hotmail.com

With the quick reconstruction of Kosovo, the demands for Renofix materials are growing that much that “RENOVA” factory from Dzepciste cannot cover all as it has no capacities.

The management team of “RENOVA” decided to buiold urgently a factory of “RENOVA” in Kosovo with doubled capacity compared to the factory in Dzepciste. The producing capacity is 40-50 tons of material per hour and numbers 30 professional employees.

The Renofix articles that are produced in Kosovo, are almost of the same quality with that in Xhepcisht and it differs only in some products. For more details visit our production index of Renofix products.



“RENOVELUR” Tetovo • Macedonia

Tel.: +389 44 351 050, 351 051

Fax: +389 44 333 006

e-mail: renovelur@renova.com.mk

In 2003, the enterprise “Godel” was privatized and became part of “RENOVA”, managed by the General Manager and the owner Shefki Idrizi. The Enterprise “VELUR” is on the way to start with producing pelice.

This enterprise in the future will be re-organized and will take part in the domestic and especially in the international market, with a a moto of high quality, based on the results in the world auctions of pelices which show gradual increase of prices to 33 %, and the the fact that the demands of this natural product are raising.

The project, objective and orientation of “RENOVA” is to restart very soon with production and to raise daily capecity from 1200 to 1400 pieces of pelices a day. In the past this enterprise produced 70% of half semimanufactures and 30% finalized products as carblankets, booties etc. Our aim and objective in the future is to have 30% semimanufactures products and 70% finalized products. Regarding the market we will use the existing one and will make research and profit up to 15% from the international market.

Having in mind the economic factor, as well as the ecological factor as an important one, we are convinced that during researching the international market and using our creativity, we will be become partners with other producers of furs (maily PELZ) and later one of leather all around the world.

Due to the termoisolation function of the fur it makes the processed products always have light desired temperature. It raises the need of wide lobe of products with classical and mode trend.




“NEW LEPENCI” Kacanik • Kosovo

Tel.: +381 290 80 030

FAX: +381 290 80 233

e-mail: new-lepenci@hotmail.com

The factory “NEW LEPENCI” located in Kacanik, Kosovo, is also a part of big RENOVA company. This factory produces lime which is named “NEW LEPENCI”. The factory has 100 workers.

RENOSIL Manastir
RENOSIL Manastir

RENOSIL Manastir

“RENOSIL” Bitola • Macedonia

Tel.: +389 47 242 331, 242 332

FAX: +389 47 242 332

e-mail: renosilbt@mt.net.mk

The factory “RENOSIL” in Bitola, is part of “RENOVA” company. This factory produces quartz and perlit and has more than 20 employees.



“RENOVA” Tirana • Albania

Tel.: +355 48 301 909

FAX: +355 48 301 908

e-mail: renova.tirana@hotmail.com

This is a new project of a factory that will be built in Tirana. The land for this building is found. This factory will produce products that are produced in Dzepciste and Gureza, but will be with a bigger capacity and recent technology in the field in which it will be concentrated.

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