Brief History about RENOVA

RENOVA started with work in 1992, in the beginning as a small trade and service providing company and later, for a very short period of time built her first producing facilities with producing Renofix varnish. RENOVA with its products has made an economic revolution in many firms that for hundreds of years of experience could not achieve this. We could do this thanks to quality and faithfulness in our products. RENOVA has made the town of Tetovo with more then 200.000 inhabitants look better. RENOVA has made the interest grow at many inland and foreign investors. RENOVA started with imported products from Austria, but the consumer demands were growing up every day until it started with its own production capacities with producing readymade Renofix varnish. RENOVA does not have a long history of existence but is has a long historic list of achievements as: In 1997 the first factory RENOVA located in Dzepciste near Tetovo started with production of Renofix varnish with the capacity of 25-40 tons per hour. The year 1999 finds RENOVA building the second factory but this time in Gureza, Kosovo, with doubled production capacities of 40-50tons per hour. In 2001 RENOVA in Gureza offers to its clients from Kosovo its first products of the same quality of those produced in Tetovo. In 2002 RENOVA bought the biggest producer/mines of white lime in the region. The lime-mine for producing white lime “New Lepenci” in Kacanik, Kosovo with 130 professional workers in the producing facilities of “New Lepenci”. In 2004 RENOVA bought the mine and the factory for producing quartz and perlit in Bitola, Macedonia. This producing capacity is in the phase of investment and modernization. In 2004 RENOVA bought the biggest skin-processing factory in the region which will start with production in February 2006 with more then 100 employees. In 2004 RENOVA bought 10 hectares land in the Republic of Macedonia for building of the third factory for producing Renofix varnish. Its building will meet the highest European standards. In 2005 RENOVA invested in building of a factory for producing brass angles. These angles are applied exceedingly much in construction. They make the work much more comfortable to workers, increase efficiency, preciseness and the velocity in building objects. In the same year RENOVA opened the foundation of scholarships “RENOVA” which awards 94university students and 65 secondary school students with scholarships. This makes clear that RENOVA invests not only in factories but in the future of the population, too, by helping them in education and professional development of personnel inland and abroad. This is not all! RENOVA is the general representative of “Karbon” paints from Zagreb, Croatia for Macedonia. RENOVA has a capacity of 400 permanent employees and 100 hundred of employees with work agreements. RENOVA now can be found in every corner of the Balkans, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, etc. RENOVA is the biggest donor of cultural-sport events and many other humanitarian activities.

Renova Factory Dzepcisht

Renova Factory Tirana

Renova Factory Ferizaj

Renovelur Factory Tetovo