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“Unreachable things do not exist”

RENOVA - Dzepcist

RENOVA is an organization for the production of dry and liquid construction materials, taking into account the external and internal factors related to the business, as well as the needs and expectations of the interested parties, This company is determined to fully implement this Policy , which is a framework for establishing and reviewing defined goals for quality.
RENOVA’s core strategy and goal is to engage in fulfilling customer requirements and expectations, creating value for other interested parties, as well as important for RENOVA.

The basic principles for fulfilling this goal are:

  • Creating a business system that will provide quality products and timely delivery of orders to buyers, with less cost and optimal consumption of resources, which increases trust and improves the image of the company,
  • The continuous improvement of the performance of the processes as well as the efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard,
  • Efforts for world-class quality, using the most modern methods for checking products that comply with EN standards in the field of construction, as well as the CE mark for a safe product,
  • The permanent improvement of the knowledge and skills of employees as carriers of a high work culture, through education, training and adequate training as well as within their respective responsibilities and authorizations,
  • Timely identification of risks and opportunities, elimination or minimization of harmful effects,
  • Modernization of infrastructure, work equipment and work environment, as well as care for the protection of the living environment,
  • Providing the necessary resources and maintaining them in the best possible way to achieve the expected results and quality goals,
  • Establishing methods for monitoring the efficiency of processes for evaluating planned results,

With such a strategy, Renova in the future will ensure sustainable development, market competition, efficiency, security and trust during the development of its activity, now and in the future. Management with full responsibility will be devoted to the implementation of the Policy and objectives, respecting the legal requirements, as well as the measures to achieve the planned results.
This Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure adequate adequacy and effectiveness, understood and available to all interested parties.