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Renogrund – Primer for interior and exterior


Renogrund – Primer for interior and exterior.

Ready-pigmented primer with mineral fillers. Universal primer to equalize and additional waterproofing or Varies greatly absorbent substrates. Primer for subsequent coating with mineral, silicate or emulsion plasters. The Renogrund primer prepares the ground up so that it is ideally suited for the application of paste finishing coats.

This product is a baseline for previously plastered surfaces or basic plasters such as cement,gypsum or lime.It can be a bonding material for plastic plasters.24 hours after spreading Renogrund plastic plasters can be applied.

Consumption : 200g/m2pro coating on smooth surfaces.


Renocolor Classic


Composition: Water based dispersion paint Application: Final protection decorative inerior wall/celling paint. Before use dilute with cca 20% of water and stir well Storage: cca 0,25 L/m2

Storage: drying store at +5°C to +25°C.

Protect: against frost!

Durability: 18 month in original package