Renova Dzepcishte

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Factory that is placed in Dzepciste is producing the dry mortars and plaster Renofix that are used for plastering the interior and exterior of the building facades. This factory is producing also and the brass corners that are very useful for precise and save time in construction business. On their line of productions this factory produce also and the applications technology the mixer machines Skure Tech, this machines are useful for mixing the mortar and applying in the interior and exterior facades. In the list of products of the RENOVA factory located in Dzepciste you can find 35 different varnishes identified with the name Renofix, while the kind of material is identified by the appropriate number (ex Renofix 10, Renofix 15, Renofix 202 etc). As about producing machines there are two types, that of throwing varnish and the one for mixing. The producing capacity in this factory is 25-30 tons per hour, while the number of employers is 32.






Production in Tons per Hour
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